onsdag 30 maj 2012



Each meeting gives meaning to your life ... These meetings, which other people have arranged and told them who you are and what you do and when you meet them, they  pretend to not remember who you are, these makes you sad and withdraw into yourself. You, yes you, you know who you are ... Please, what are you trying to do ...

When I was in India I met a young woman in the Taj Mahal, our eyes met and we could not stop staring at each other , I walked up to her and before I could say anything, she said, You are a seeker like me and you have come here to find you. Those words meant a lot for my soul. We went on without creating earthly ties, our souls learned to let go without feeling sad .. this meeting still fills my soul, thank you beautiful flower.

söndag 27 maj 2012


Last summer, our eyes met, you're still here .. Your eyes follow me, why? I noticed you were nervous, I looked at you in secret, just as you had done. I saw when you went into the booths to smoke, my heart took a leap, your eyes .. they are Within me, I know who you are, but when? I can not forget your eyes, who are you? When we met, I was in a coma, unable to feel, the strenght was not there to seek answers. Who you are, I want to thank you, you brought my body back to life. To you beautiful eyes, with so much pain.

Lost in a lost time..


A story that never gets old..

Three men rode as never before, all three wanted to come first to the castle, where the famous Eloise was. All three knew who she was, she had changed their lives in one way or another. Nearby the castle was a man who where fishing, he released his catch immediately back into the water. All three men where curious, and all three agreed to stop and ask this strange man, why did he let the fish into the water again. Three man; Why will you throw your catch back into the water? The man said; It is not the caught one finds pleasure in, it is when you release it. All three man looked at each other, one made a sign with his hand that the man was crazy. The man looks up and ask them; Where are you going? The three men; To the castle where Eloise should choose a man.. The man; Now´s it time again and smiles. The three men; What? The man; Yes, You who sits on the brown horse wants to own her body, You who sits on the reddish horse wants to own her heart, and You who sits on the grey one wants to own her body and heart. The three man laughed, because it was the truth. The man continues to look at them and say; You body, you may take her body, You heart, you may take her heart, You body and heart, may take her body and heart and reach deeper than the other two for a while. Then I´m here waiting for her. The three man look at the man with amazement and says; You are sitting in the same horse and they laugh, how long have you been waiting? The man; I have no horse, do not need a horse in the silence. I´ve been waiting for several thousand of years. The three men were amazed and cries out; Several thousand years!! The Body; No way a waite so long, the are other bodies to conquer. The Heart; There are other hearts that needs love. The Body and heart; It is too long for my body and heart, they will die without love. The man; I´ve been where you are now several times, but when the soul whispers in the silence, everything stands still.. You are in your essence, where everything is. In the silence there she is, you will always be where she is. I share her pain, fears, joy, life and love. I know when You body leaves her, she goes inside herself and feel lost. I feel You heart when you leave her, she is hurt for a while, but she moves on. I feel You body and heart when you leave her, she´s not herself, you have changed her and it takes several years to get back. When i leave her, she has chosen it and I will always be there, we are never separated. The three men say; You have sat too long in one place, it´s time to move on. It is obvious thet she does not want you, you are wasting your time. Without waiting for the man to reply, the rode away. But the man answers them anyway; I´ve ridden thousands of years, I have been the body, the heart, the body and heart in many rounds, but she has always been there, sharing my freedom. We do not wait, we are free to evolve through all these stages, to the day when the soul falls into the silent and does speak.. Then I know that it´s time. All these fish that I am releasing they are these souls that i have conquered with the body, the heart, the body and heart. It gives peace and you are in the presence.. To you my free Eloise, I embrace You

lördag 26 maj 2012


New Horizons is on its way, I sence you, your caresses feels like feather with joy. Like you said once, there will always be someone who owns your body, which takes your heart ... but there is one who is always there, that do not want to own your body, your heart or your essence. This soul wants to be with you when you fall, when you are lost, when the body gives up ... this soul is through fire and water, it knows what pain, joy and peace does with one's soul. This soul speaks to the silence of the soul and knows that the soul's love is not a war ... it knows when it arises there is serenity. For my beloved soul, where you are... I am!

onsdag 23 maj 2012


Look at your own body.. Then you will know mine, look at your own essence and then you know mine. Look at your own pain, then you will know mine.. Look up at that skye, do you feel how It´s standing.. You have a choice... walk away, or stay in the present. Deep inside your essence there it´s a boy and girl who wants to be seen for who they are... When we loose everything, then we are...

fredag 18 maj 2012


I want you as you are, I dont want you as a crutch ... I want to see you stand on your own two feet. If you would fall so I fall with you, we go up together and then stand with crunchy knees but still together. Your pain is my strength that I will give to you as a gift, to get through the pain. Your tears are my joy, to give it to you as a gift to see the beauty in the tears. Your love is my weakness that i give it to you as a gift, what you hold in your heart is my soul...


Through time and space, You are still there..

You said the pain would make us grow, memory could cause us to lose ourselves and our bodies would have difficulty to collaborate with the soul and feel tight with all the knowledge within us ... we would be our own prison, our bodies. When the soul has no room, it speaks with the body to expand its energy, the body rejects the request and injures himself for fear of exposing their true colors ... colors of the rainbow. Through time and space, we have been, our bodies are young but the essense is as old as the universe.

torsdag 17 maj 2012


Who are you? - Your other half.

Have we met before? In many lives and in other dimensions.

What do you want? - Be Near You.

Why does it hurt? - My love, it is my love for you in many lives.

Should not it be nice this feeling? - Our souls are ready for this love, but your body is rejecting this feeling.

Why am I scared? - My love opens you to the universe, where you will find you and this makes you afraid.

What should I do? - Being in the being, enjoy, let the warm of the sun take care of you. Let the mind rest in light of the sun.

Why do I float? - You are in the mind, let the mind rest.

I drown! - You find yourself in doubt.

I can fly! - You are in the being.

I love you! - I embrace you, welcome home!

onsdag 16 maj 2012


A woman once said, do you see all these people, all depend on each other. If one of these let hatred grow in the heart, it becomes like a chain all let the hatred enter ... the need to belong in a group to feel strong. But if you're united in the soul, the soul will have a dialouge with the body and ask, why, when, where... how do you feel. The soul knows that it is strong, the strength is in nothingness... stand still and watch, even if all these people are trying to create hatred, confusion, and to betray your own body. Yes, betray, hatred and revenge, betrays your own body... as long as hatred and revenge stays in your eyes you harm none. Be united as souls, when the soul speaks it sings the most beautiful melody.. the body follows the notes to the melody of the soul, the body feels the harmony... your body is in tune.

tisdag 15 maj 2012


Every child is a sense when it is born ... The parents feeds the child with an emotion before it is born and follows the child through life. Keep in mind that the child is in the water everything reaches the child, every emotion, thought and sensation. Everything is doubled in the water and your stomach will be a big antenna that goes in to the child ...

A thought which finds another thought ...


To welcome a child into the world, the child has lived in the water naked, he wakes up in a world where everyone is wearing clothes and living off the water. These children have their first trauma, breathing air and feel its first barrier ... clothing. If we could welcome them without clothes, and be born in the water, these children get a chance to familiarize themselves with their new environment ... earth. A thought ...


A wise man once said, questions are welcome in my life ... but how can I answer them, though, when your own insecurities hide the answers. Do you have questions about life, who knows something about life ... as long as we live outside our body, we have not seen life. If you have questions about the soul, the answer is look around you with your eyes closed ... what do you see, what does the soul whisper ...


Everything you own has a name, nature uses no names ... freedom has no name.We own our parents, parents own their children, man owns the entire universe. Everything has a name, we create bands with names. I am a name and therefore I exist ...

söndag 13 maj 2012


To all parents out there, when you hit a child you hit their present and their future. You take the child's right to exist, their trust and love put to the test, a child's love will remain even if you are tearing their bodies and souls ... The question is do parents love their children unconditionally ....

lördag 5 maj 2012


The story of Yumi (high priestess) and the oak man. In another time, where everything was allowed, no rules existed ... Yumi and the oak man had met in the woods at a young age. He had help Yumi through the  which forest, as no one dared to go through those part. But Yumi knew it was part of her learning to become a high priestess, at 12 years of age Yumi knew what pain was, pain makes you grow. The Oak man was 22 years old, he was the handsomest man Yumi had ever seen, his eyes was as deep as the night. Yumi was wearing green dress, it suited her long curly black hair, she was so small, you'd think she was a boy. The Oak man lived in the forest, he was born there, half of his face showed what the village people could do when they did not get what they wanted. Half on his face with burns, looked like a map, but Yumi saw the beauty in his eyes, she would never forget this man that the forest had taken care of. As they used to joke that they were enemies, not friends, your enemies will show you what they think about you and they want something from you .. a friend always go behind your back and steal what you have, want everything that you own. Moiragh her spirit mother used to say so and the oak man agreed. Their friendship was free, for both knew that a high priestess could never raise a family, the oak man's mother had been a witch and his father a villager, their love could not be left alone, both died for their faith, to live in peace. The oak man never talked about it, but Yumi knew that the village people as long as they got what they wanted and they were happy, they let you be. They came to the temple where the witches and priestess were to be healed and get advice, but never care about them, never invited to their fest. The oak man got his name from Yumi, Yumi called him so because he was old for his age, he used to say "I will never want to capture your heart, what I want to reach is what makes Yumi to Yumi, all her dark side that no one sees ". He knew so much, he taught that solitude and loneliness are not the same, solitude is something you choose and it gives you something of yourself. Loneliness is not self-selected, it takes and eats you up, bit by bit, until everything falls into darkness, a large hole where you do not come out. He always worked with his hands, made furniture, figures and drew, they could be in silence without being quiet. They could listen to the trees when they whispered, Yumi loved those moments where she could be Yumi. His presence was peace, he lived for the moment, they could dance all night through the forest and then bathe in the lake. Yumi knew she would carry around his eyes in her spirit, some want to conquer one's heart, but this man reached her spirit. He used to joke and say you will find me in an oak tree with a map to my spirit. She knew she did not love this man, when you love, you want something in return, Yumi felt the presence of something greater, peace, that they were free ... she was Yumi. To the oak tree man..

Each story has something to teach us about ourselves.