onsdag 11 juli 2012


Do not say that we work across borders, say that we are working over the mountains to build new lows and new bridges. The word, boundaries, puts borders inside ... For the soul, there are no limits, there are mountains to climb, new lows to visit, new bridges being built and rebuilt. Borders puts borders for a while in us ... What do I choose to be in a border or be unlimited to build new bridges.


The soul's journey
Many lives, many destinies ...
The soul is constructed, in addition to wander, wander into other dimensions, other planets and here on Earth. Let us not dwell, let us continue to walk, let us become one in spirit..We are an atom and not several atoms, we are DNA ... We carry our temples as a shield. A shield of pain, bitterness, joy and isolation, but wear it with knowledge, this is a soul´s journey. Now and forever ...