fredag 30 september 2011


I find it hard sometimes to adjust to the "norms" of society, they require courage, strength and an open heart ... sometimes i can not keep all these parts together. You feel like Dorothy Gale in Wizard of Oz, helping her friends to have a heart, courage and strength (mind). But every day in the woods I learn to put the pieces together and then in the community I learn to divide them. Here you can think like a spiral, in nature you will find you in nothing and in the community in everything. Then it's easier to live and coexistence in society..


Belongs to all, we own nothing, we are nothing ... what are we? In nothing is everything and everything is nothing, it's like a spiral inwards where there is everything, and outwardly there is nothing. Each poem, invention, idea, art, craft and sense we pick from the same source, which all have contributed. Therefore, we can recognize ourselves in songs, poems, books, etc. because we have contributed to these wonders, we are a part of this energy. Everything can be downloaded from the source, therefore no one can say that they own these unique masterpieces. One for all, all for one ...


What if we could see "problems" as spirals, where they can spin in or out, we pull them inward to develop and when we feel ready to haul away this "problem" we draw it out. The longer that the spirals can dig into the depths, the harder it becomes to breathe. We find it difficult to draw out these spirals, there is some pain during the procedure, to see the connections or the "truth" is painful. It is called to shake your roots ..

torsdag 29 september 2011


Have found that ego can be when one lives in the victim stage, everything revolves around me, what happens to him / her affects me, me, me. When positive things happens, we don’t appreciate those things, we walked past, WHY? .. We are not in the center.

tisdag 27 september 2011


You owe something to the universe? We live in a society where we have enslaved ourselves in behavior, mind and body (temple). We own no one and nothing, the universe owns nothing, it´s there for everything. When we reach our roots, we understand where we came from, all are looking for the truth ... the truth, yours or mine or anyone else. The only truth we have is our bodies that carry the answer to the truth. Everything is energy..


Feel in your soul and ask yourself is this my energy, in the beginning you will be confused by other people's energy, but let it happen .. for there, you will find yourself. All choose their own path, anyone who remembers their energies from past lives has have difficulty to accept themselves, that there are energy and they can 'choose to continue living in it or move on.


Many talk and talk without listening inwards but it is their journey, I can choose to follow or say "see you when I return home" and continue my own path...


We're talking about being good or evil, these words are made up of ourselves in order to enslave us in our temples. We have ying and yang, which is the energy that fills us all the time, we need these in order to develop ourselves. Everything is energy, when we think about energy, we become energy. We have put energy into our words to explain ourselves, but why, it becomes wrong when it comes out. We are not used to talk, what if we meet people, and we perceived their energy, without words, we know what they feel. Therefore we misunderstand ourselves because we're talking, instead of spending time to understand our own energy.

lördag 24 september 2011


Our human love is defined in buying goods for them, we "LOVE" ... When man started talking, we lost a part of ourselves, we are beginners talking in words, we get this feeling (energy) to transfer it into words, but it is not as it should be. So we put this feeling in articles that explain what we feel, but we know it's not what we want. When we once used to speak in silence we were one with everything, we talked through energy, no words, no items .. WE WERE ENERGY


My soul knows that everything falls into place eventually, for the soul time does not exist, as it does for the body. How can you miss someone you never had .. These memories that the soul carries on from other lives and places, is still there... I have asked myself many times why are these memories there, I have found the answer, I love you .. but it is only words, you make me happy, angry, but most of all, you make me find myself. I know when you think of me, I know how sad you can be, I know when you get sick, you have shouted at me when you feel the worst. I've been at your side and I will be forever by your side. It is not my temple that carries these memories, they are in these Stragen of colors and spirals. Therefore exists the rainbow to remind us of the string of memories, many may have forgotten, but eventually everyone will remember. My Marduk, I'm here and I will be waiting for you, now and forever

lördag 17 september 2011

To Love Our Body

We talk about love, to whom, for what ... as long as we do not reach us and loves us completely, we have not reached the love, we caressed and tasted the word love, but have not taken it into our bodies. Our bodies are hungry for recognition and love. We abuse the body's confidence, it talks to us but we do not listen, we spend more time choosing clothes and doing other stuff. Until the body can not stand more, and show proper that it also exists and needs your time, that's when we wake up and blaming the body to be sick, when the body has loved you unconditional and tried to show you that it also needs care and consideration. Why do you not love me? 

Have a great day!

Everything has its reason, to look back with smile, look forward with open heart, to live here and now with patience. Have a great days my spiritual friends.


fredag 16 september 2011

The Sword

Love life, love has taught me trust. Lives without sword, my sword is the script that comes down on paper. To help other souls to get there, we will be united in love. Our sword is the ego that has built it for centuries, now it's time to live in peace, we do not need to wage war.. we need to unite to become one.. love is the answer.

onsdag 14 september 2011

The purple soul

As I sat next to you last night and you shared with you, your soul. I wanted to write a poem for you.

" The purple soul "

I came into the world to grow and I did, maybe not the way I wanted. But here you have me, bruised, arms that are torn by needles. These needles gave me the peace to find myself, maybe not in the way I would have liked or others around me. My hatred grew for each day that passed, and then grew the need to be destructive to those who loved me, I was not worth loving. But now something happens in my life that alters my view of myself, I'm unique, I am strong, everything that has happened in my life has meaning. Maybe I'm old, has nothing or owns nothing, but I own my freedom to say no to needles and my old life, my soul is purple after all that I have gone through, they gave me a purple soul to help others in their path for their purple soul. This is me ..

tisdag 13 september 2011

Masaru Emoto and Albert Eistein

Consider this that we can get us through space and time, with our "mind" but I call it "energy". We can see what's next and what has happened in the past, as Nostradamus. We can do this with water and using our energy, combining these two together u get a solid matter who travels both in time and space. It forms a "wormhole" through time. Masaru Emoto and Albert Eistein have much in common, they thought outside the "normal" view ( the box we are living in).


We can change our cells, programming them with our energy. It's the water, imagine a person who has cancer be talking to the cells (water) change their structure, cells have a memory and sick cells is "wearing" disguise, because they allow healthy cells to receive them with open arms. Then sick cells have time to program the new healthy cells to sick cells. Therefore, when we talk soft and give them love every day, we change the cells or rather we change the water in the cell. Dr Masuro Emoto has the key to our body, to change many things in our lifes, we humans are build with water, we need water.... everything it´s WATER