fredag 17 augusti 2012


You sit in your room, everything in the room is yours but still not ... You are trying to explain to your self why you have filled the room with possessions, but you can not get away from yourself. Sitting for a moment, staring straight into the wall, the wall becomes like an open sea and where you understand that you have sent this energy called "possessions" to what is in the room .. You have stamped yourself and the room to a property, this energy is heavy to see ... but the sea shows how all the possessions are floting, it becomes like a dance of energy and how they come and go. Suddenly the whole room is a part of everything that you get to take part of, until they float away in this dance of energy. A possession is possession when you go on in possesing everything in your life ...

torsdag 16 augusti 2012


We meet there the sun and moon come together, and either the day or night exist there. Our souls embracing, as two vines that grow in each other's embraces. This world is not like the world I know, in your arms, everything looks brighter, your soul, show me who it is .. In your soul there is everything you are.. You create space for my soul to be able to visit you. I do not want to leave this place, if wholeness does exist, it would be in your soul. We know we have to leave before our minds wakes up, you say, my mind can own me life after life, but this place nobody owns and there are you. I will always be where your soul is, as long as your soul exist, I AM ...

tisdag 14 augusti 2012


Yin and Yang were separated many decades ago, now they try to find each other again. Yang let the sun burn Yin for fear of the dark. Yin was burned and hurt by Yang's fear, she let the moon dazzle him to blindness. Yin retreated into the darkness to heal her wounds, but Yang's fear had attach to Yin, his fear of the darkness. The darkness did not recognize Yin and let her freeze in the dark where no one could find her. Yin's tears turned into crystals, but she never gave up, the darkness could not comprehend that she was still alive. The darkness visited her every day and observed her stillness, one day the darkness asked Yin, who are you? Yin knew that her strength was leaving her and the answer would take her last breath. Yin said, I am the darkness that does not exist, I am your mother  who gave you life, I will still exist when you are gone ... The darkness knew that only Yin would have that answer, he released her. But Yin did not return she wanted to remain in the darkness where the silence is, where everything is still.

The darkness came and said, Yang are looking for you .. Yin felt the fear took over again, his fear, dont let him in, that traitor ... He let the sun burn me and left me to die!!. Yin you can not live in grief and you can not live forever here, the darkness is to give tranquility not to hide. I can not keep Yang from the darkness when he has no fears of the dark, he may come as much as he wants. But without you Yin, he enters the dark In blindness. He needs Yin to see In the dark and you need the Yang part to see in the light. I get along fine without Yang, I dont need his part. No, Yin .. See what you've been without that part, you are a shell filled with empty darkness and in the end it will absorb Yin. Yang is filled with empty light and in the end it will absorb the entire Yang. You are going to exterminate each other, why do not you meet where light and darkness meet and become a prism of colors .. There, he can not hurt you or you hurt him .. Yin agreed to meet him and Yang, felt the panic hit him, he was scared of those feelings that came over him in meeting Yin. The darkness told Yang to let those feelings come, but let them go, if Yin feels the fear In you, she will destroy you and I will help, this time nothing can help you. Either you're ready and you are Yang the other half of Yin or let the sun absorb you. Yang knew he was Yang, father of the light and the sun, he is Yin's half .. Yang felt the darkness opened and he saw what Yin saw, now he knew why Yin wanted to be in the dark .. Tranquility all is stillness, this feeling of nothing, yet everything, just as it came, so it disappeared. I do not see!!, exclaim Yang. When you did recognize Yin as your other half, you did take part of her darkness, her part led you in the dark ... When she recognizes you as her other half, she will be led by you, in the light, do you understand now why we need Yin and Yang .. She will be your eyes in the darkness and you are her eyes in the light.

Plus and minus can not agree, but can give each other energy to exist. A circle of opposites that lead each other in stillness and movement.  ...

It will CONTINUE...

måndag 13 augusti 2012


Has wandered all over the universe, parallel worlds, decades of life .. Fragments of memories remain. How do we love, with our hearts? .. I know that this night like all the other nights, I lay and watched how you slept, how I was filled with a feeling called love .. The feeling gave me a taste of eternal peace, a half of me in you. The feeling made me realize if they took my heart from the body  I would continue to feel this feeling, for it was not in the heart but in my soul. You wake up, your beautiful dark eyes that were between sleep and reality look at me with your soul, you kissed me and in that kiss you did share your soul with me .. A thousand years have passed and I am still waiting to lie awake and feel this feeling again ... this is love for me.