fredag 28 oktober 2011


As long as I can remember, you have been with me, every hour and every second. When I was in the deepest, you were there and did not let me go. I shut you out for a period, but that you had already told me that it would happen, you said " Many tears will fall where they have not fallen, many scars will heal where they have not healed, we are here always. Many seasons of nature will change before we meet again, there will be changes that do not look like much for the world, but for you it's about meeting your soul, your presence in the universe, energies will change a transformation takes place in you and in the world. " I understand some, and sometimes it takes time to take the first step into the unknown. You build a wall with fear inside yourself that makes one bitter. I am grateful that you are in my life, I have developed and made ​​up with my past, thanks to you. Thank You!

onsdag 26 oktober 2011


We always have questions, sooner or later we will always get an answer. The answers that is most beautiful is when strangers stay and talk to you, all of a sudden you get a answer to your question.. You are filled with joy and think, thank you universe for this answer. How many questions have not passed over the years, but suddenly one day you read a book that you've had for years but never read, and there's the answer. Dreams are another source of messages, you dream that you have to look for a book but never know where, but you have the energy of the book you've seen in a dream. A few days later this energy pulled you into a bookstore that sells books that are used, you go through the shelves and feel how the energy draws you to a book, but you have doubts, and continue looking and suddenly dropping it down by itself from the shelf ... When you understand that this is the book that you have searching for, it is chance or fate?  I believe in fate. So it is with any questions, you may not get an answer today, but when the time comes it will revealed by itself to you.

måndag 24 oktober 2011


In the end, everything is about yourself and nobody else, your first love should be YOU!! Your parents give you some tools but it is up to yourself to learn how they work, your parents are your teachers but also your students. Parents do not own their children, they can not mourn the land for their children, we are here to teach us to be human beings with feelings. It is not love if you mourn the ground for someone else, the feeling is rather that you own the other, it is not freedom. Every step our children take is a step towards freedom, but on the road we are greeted by thousands of ego, which teaches us to live and to develop our feelings. Our children are not here to fulfill our dreams, they are here for their own dreams.

söndag 23 oktober 2011


In a garden you will find all colors, combinations and relationships. They live near each other without choking the other, they live in nature's rhythm. From the fairest to the more simple plants, but they help each other to shine and survive. They know that nature is the true clock to go by, to live in harmony, peace, and grow forever. They know when nature has come out of balance, the plant kingdom, animal kingdom and mineral kingdom helps to restore nature´s own balance. They truly live in harmony, without conflict and war ..


Dance can create freedom, joy and purging. All senses are present but still not, you go into a trance of freedom, freedom to let your body move how it wants. Where the body has no limits, movements come from the heart. One step could be a hundred steps, energy is so intense that it feels like you're flying. You go into an ecstasy of joy and be nothing but still everything. The dance has its own life, the body follows the dance, wherever it goes, in every motion, step and breath ..  Dance gives me freedom to relax the body and find myself here and now in motion that breaks stalled energy. Dancing through life ..

lördag 22 oktober 2011


Female and male, sun and moon, they are one, but they can not light up at the same time.. They give each other space to exist and breathe. One can not live without the other, cold and heat is one but not at the same time .. Everyone has their time to shine, they are not in war with each other, they are. Everywhere we meet the feminine and masculine energy, called Yin and Yang. These unite in a dance of challenge to develop and produce their most powerful field of energy that feels and looks radiant. We can not help but feel these energies that are around us, these two will always be together. Close in a dance of eternity, that is there in harmony and chaos..


Elements, you are an energy that is everywhere and nowhere. The body can be divided into different elements, we can balance our organs with the element that controls it. Some organs draw out a lot of energy from certain organs and vice versa. The organs who has abundance of energy gives to those who have less. Water puts out the fire, earth smothers the fire and so forth, the fifth element is the matter, all body fluids. You give us the tools to work with our body, to restore the balance between Yin och Yang.


I am with you and feel your pain, this energy takes over my energy field. I get sad, I want to cry and cry .. I feel unloved, angry, bitter on men and on society. All this energy washes over me, I try to transform this energy into something else, but do not want and can not. But i let it be there for a while, I know when you go home, my tears will come up and they will be no end to this flow. This tears will release me from my own pain that I also bear. Thanks for this energy and the tears who wash away my pain.


I asked you, do you love yourself? You answer is, my children loves me, my family .. But I ask again DO LOVE YOU YOURSELF? The same response again, you shut up and throw words to me to protect you, you don’t want not reach the bottom of yourself. You say let me be it's my decision ... I say to you with agony i love you. No one but yourself can love you with unconditional love, the true energy is inside you. Allow this energy to reach you, open your eyes, let no one deceive you ... Money can not buy this energy, it either is or has change to something else.


The soul has a voice, is an echo of the wishes of all those lives. My soul, how many leaves would you be, what do you want to say to me. I live in a world where meaning is to live as a puppet, you do what everyone does, you laugh for everyone else laugh, you think like everyone else. If you separate yourself from the crowd, you are not welcome, puppets freeze you out. Either behave yourself as them or live in another world ... Are we ready for freedom, to give each other freedom to be who we are, without wanting to perform or be someone else. Are we free spirits ?

torsdag 20 oktober 2011


We never leave someone who is good for us, that brings out your true self, your inner glow ... We leave those who have taken you down into the darkness, into the cold and makes us ready for what is to come. We can never get rid of this energy, but we can convert it to something else in our lives. We must not forget that in the cold and darkness, we meet ourselves, the side that we do not want to see. A relationship is either yin or yang, the striving is to have both in a relationship for the balance.

onsdag 19 oktober 2011


We destroy a fragile flower .. this flower is slow, we want to accelerate the flower development. We throw shit, step on it and drown her in the earth, to grow as beautiful as we can see and touch, it is our own creation. When it grows and becomes not what we want, we become sad and realize that we have failed in our creation. We let the flower be and put energy into the next flower. The same thing happens here, it's not the flower that is the problem, it is the one who takes care of the flower that does not give the true love ... Give it a chance to develop into a beautiful flower that sends out a nice feeling to all.

måndag 17 oktober 2011


Two energies so different, yet equally.. A peacock dance, which sparkles with color, strength and weakness. A dance that has never started but never quit. A dance that takes you down into the deepest darkness, where the cold is and takes you up to the brightest of the Sun where the fire is. Both resisting this dance but still continues to dance, the eternal peacock dance ...


Man falls in love with a feeling called words, it takes your body and soul to feel the love that is as old as the universe has existed, the feeling where everything is, yet nothing exists. We can never take away energy, we can turn it into something else. When we run out of words, then comes the silence slowly with love, like the strings on the lyre, which plays the most wonderful melody that you follow wherever it goes ...


You pay to whom and for what .. words even more words. We must have free passage to the heart to see that no one owns you, or you own anyone. No one pays for anything or anyone, we are here to learn to live as human beings, see touch, feel, but when we start to own, it´s when the passage becomes clogged to the heart..

fredag 14 oktober 2011


In the silence, one finds the magic, emotions that do not have words, how you feel and reconnect with yourself..

torsdag 13 oktober 2011


If we agree to live in harmony with nature and ourselves so we can find peace, wisdom and strenght. We are chasing time, other people, the weather, wealth and emotions, that we forget to live in the present , inside the present you have feelings and emotions. We are fragile on the outside but the soul is a force that pulls us up, every day. Our thoughts control us like puppets, we analyze the pieces of our deepest dreams and sensations. We breathe but still does not, the soul needs to breathe to feel a connection with other souls and listen to everything and nothing. Sometimes we are stuck or take a journey into the soul, this feels in your body and soul..

onsdag 12 oktober 2011


Gladiator stands looking out over the Coliseum, one of hundreds of people sit and cry, kill, kill, kill ... Gladiator knows he must kill, he has killed a lot in his life. All of those eyes with pain and peace, they have found peace ... But the gladiator have to live with the pain of knowing that he has no peace or freedom. He knows that every decision leads to more pain, but survival. He let the sword fall, curl into the universe and say, I do not know what should be done, but at this moment, I am closer to God and freedom, I let the sword fall in your arms God , a feel peace for the uncertainty to come. His opponent was killed by the guards, the people wanted to see death. Gladiator got his sentence, he would face the lions. The people cheered, more death, we want to see blood, release the lions. Gladiator was forced to raise his sword again, he stood there and waited for what would happen. The lions were in the arena, they gathered around the gladiator to attack. In the corner of his eyes, the gladiator saw how the lions came closer and closer. He puts down his sword and feels how the lion teeth it´s tearing into him, the crowd shouts dead, dead. At that moment the gladiator felt that he had  peace, he was perfect. He realized that he had killed out of fear of dying and for those cries that was as false as the ego. He also realized that the lion kill to eat and survive, not for fear of dying, or to comply with these cries.


Please, please do not tell me what to do and not do. Please, "limit" me not, when you limit me your flow stops. Do not tell me how far up I can fly, I reach the sun and burn, let it happen, the phoenix fire up himself to get back to a pure soul. I know I can fall far down in the depths but let it be, my soul is strong picks itself up with joy and move forward. You ask me to be a woman, you mean knocking from door to door and get emptiness ... My soul has found his twin door she is not alone, there is no emptiness, there is love, balance and confidence. When you "limit" your ego is greater than love.

tisdag 11 oktober 2011


The moon shines brightly in me. The sun, I see, but can not reach it .. Find myself in the middle of a meadow, alone and inside myself. Why do we have thoughts ... I know that the meadow will give me rest in my soul and flowers will give me peace.