måndag 16 april 2012


A story about the nun named Pitta who lived in France in another century. From having been a celebrated beauty in all the beautiful ballrooms to become a nun is something she never would have chosen. She came from a wealthy family, her mother and father spoiled her and her sister. Piita fell in love with a man who had lied to her, he was already married. He swore he loved her but did not want to leave what he had, honor was his main reason. Piita asked him never to contact her or ever talk about his "love" for her. Piita swore never to see or think of him, even though she knew that her heart would cry every day. Time passed, Piita realized she was pregnant and her father learned of her secret, she had never seen her father so angry. He asked her to move out to the summer house, where she would give birth to the baby and give it away, while they were looking for a man that she will marry. Piita knew she would never leave her unbornchild, her friend Nadine who were gypsies who knew everything about herbs and she was an expert to see the future in playing cards. All the rich women of society visited her, which was so they had met. Nadine took Piita down to earth and made her a better person, she taught Piita to see behind the veils and that everything does not look like it is. Nadine could help but said it would bring changes in Piitas life, that she would live simply, and that she would travel to a new continent, and there find peace. Piita felt how the herbs worked in her body, it was a thousand rays throughout the body. She felt that the whole body was burning, it hurt so badly, Nadine said that the fever will go down in a few days. Piita stayed with Nadine for several days, their friendship became deeper. Nadine could talk so weird sometimes say things that you did not understand, she said that Piita and she would meet in a different time and place and got Piita to promise something for Nadine and to keep it. Nadine spoke about the child she had lost was a girl, Nadine had buried her in a meadow where the daisies grew. When Piita left Nadine, she left her old life, the spoiled child no longer existed. When she told her father that she had lost the baby, now they don´t have to find a husband for her. Her father says that everything is already arrange, that they have found a man she will marry, even though there no child. You could hear how they screamed at each other, two strong wills who loved each other. Piita promised that she would rather become a nun than marry against her will. They both were so proud Piita became a nun and it was there she got the name Piita. Piita must break up with her old life in her new life there were no relatives you have no ties, the church and God is your beginning and end. Piita got a good life she lived for her garden where she grew roses, and made new varieties of roses. She was rather in the garden, it was there she found God, she realized that everything has a soul. She realized that inside the church were all these statues that depicted a man who you have to pray to, but she could not feel there were alive, but in her garden, she could feel the presence of God, all the animals were so present. She had four roses, which she took extra care of, it was her father, mother, sister and her little girl. She had not seen her family for several years, the church was her family. Piita was asked to go to a new country that we call Guatemala. Piita remember Nadines words about to find peace, Piita wanted to see this new land where people lived with nature, she realized that they were closer to God than the rest of us. The trip was long in the boat, she loved every minute but the other nuns were sick. Piita began to feel ill she became yellow and yellower, until her body could not cope, the only Piita thought of was the new country that she would not be able to experience. Piita died of tuberculosis and she was left in the middle of the Atlantic, they threw the body overboard. What remained in the boat after Piita was her four plants of roses that she had brought with her and all her hybrids in France that she had cultivated.

Each story has something to teach us about ourselves.

söndag 15 april 2012

Old Photos

Have gone through old photos .. so many memories. You see things that you did not see then, that some things I would have let go. People that you left that lifted up your soul to select those who took over your body, your mind but never your soul. But everyone has something to teach you about yourself. Sometimes the soul and body, two "wills," the soul never force it allows you to get your lesson, while the body forcing a decision and do what it wants "defiant child" ... but that's what we call human ... , the energy in my eyes as I had then will it come back to me in another form .. This is what is known as the memories of old pictures, twelve years ago.

fredag 13 april 2012


The man in the mountain, a story about a man who chose to live in nature in his cabin. His best friend was a wolf named Kitara. He knew how to hunt without the animal suffered, he lived in harmony with nature. Kitara taught him to hunt, to live with himself and nature. He withdrew from the world, every time he met the world he got lost, so many words for everything. In their eyes, he saw that nature was a property, to take without giving back. Kitara taught him the wolf's way of life, they exist without words. They understood each other's space. Kitara got two pups Kayo and Eylah. Kitara did not come home for a while, the man found her butchered limbs. People had killed and butchered her without care. The man in the mountain was getting ready for hunting, with Kayo and Eylah. He traced these people and let them suffer for days, until he killed them. He gave the parts to nature. The man sat down and wept, he had become a ​​man, killed without caring or feelings ... just emptiness.

Each story has something to teach us about ourselves.


Jealousy and envy has many names, Why ... Is it our own insecurity or how much we have left to reach our "I LOVE MYSELF." Jealousy and envy go hand in hand, it is like siblings ... One can not go without the other.

torsdag 12 april 2012


When the sea is calm, I can hear you whisper my name ... my name is as old as the stars. The sea knows who I am, it has seen how I waited for the waves with answers. The sand is trying to tell, that the answers should have been in the sand, but the time has wiped away the answers. The shell tries to whisper that a new beginning is coming. The sea that has taken your beloved, has been trying to give back the grains of sand of happiness. The sea takes, but gives back much more.


Thee I remember, it was yesterday that you kissed me farewell. It was that yesterday we gave promises of everlasting love. I still feel the aroma and taste of you...

tisdag 10 april 2012

Spinning Around With My Soul

Sometimes you can not see behind the trees ... Sometimes you meet souls that blinds your mind, you let them do it. Many years ago I wrote a poem to a soul that is so close to me that we are aware of each other. This soul has been my enemy, my friend, my partner, my relatives, my owner. I loved this soul, i still do and always will. He was my best friend, we hurt each other, when this soul realized how much he loved this soul it was too late ... I wrote the poem because I knew it would be easier to understand how I felt. At the same time there was this other soul that was a reflection of my soul. I had waited so long for this soul that is reflection of my soul. I prepared for what was to come, dreams will always be with messages, my dreams warned me ... I did the opposite, I chose to listen to the pain and fear. That night when my soul was turned into darkness, it came out a different side to cope with the fear and pain ... the other was dead, it no longer existed. I had three boxes that I had not unpacked after the move, now I've done it, old books with poems, letters and a picture of my mother as my best friend had drawn for me, for my birthday 17.10.1997. All I can say it was not the body that was crying but my soul, beautiful poems, my question was "is it me who have written these poems." The only thing I can say is Earthly LOVE / Amor Vincit Omnia!