söndag 19 februari 2012


When Pegasus fell in love with the unicorn, they knew that their love would be a far distance. Pegasus flew secretly every day to watch his unicorn. He knew that it was not needed, but he could not help but see what she was doing, his dear unicorn.

Unicorn knew where Pegasus was all the time, his energy, his smell of a mixture of myrrh and flower. She dared not trust him, he had left her in the dark, and blind ... he chose to get his wings. I did chose to forget that he had ever been in my life, but he could always reach me. She knew he needed help again, she also needed help to get back her horn, and to remember who she was. Being in his presence allows me to heal and the memory returns.

Pegasus began to understand that the unicorn knew he was around her. Pegasus was hurt, she had said forever, but not wanted to change her horn for the wings. He could not forget her, his mind was linked with this creature. She looked straight through him, his wings could not hide his true self to her. His pain was her pain and vice versa ...

They knew their time was not forever, forever is not in their I am, they exist in the universe.

The Tranquility Of Nature

Swedish History

torsdag 2 februari 2012


We humans have lived as hunters to survive, but when you hunt to show trophies ... I feel the pain how it creeps into your soul and screams no more, please, no more pain. An animal that lives in  freedom do not hunt for pleasure, the are living to survive and feed their offspring. When will people stop to surround the animals in a corner. it is ok to kill a bear because it has attacked a human, but it's not ok that a bear attacks a human being for it has awake the bear from its hibernation. When we people go into the wilderness, it is on their terms, not the human terms...When you are sleeping it enters a thief in your house ... what do you do?

This is a thought that comes from the pain to know how we violated nature, why my friends ...


Another soul you meet on your way, that gives you nothing and yet everything. Your soul feels at home, you cry with joy .. it sees what the others do not see. You are yourself, in the silence you did find each other, the soul does not see you as a replacement ... You give time for the body to get used to you, you are not looking for the body, you want to reach the soul, where everything is. You want to open Pandora's box, for there is the essence of everything.

onsdag 1 februari 2012


Every step that I take in your path make me whole, no one has ever shown so much love as you do. Every day I want to be with you, which I know you are waiting for me with open arms. I have cried with you, I have told my worries ... and you are there as a pillar. No words are needed, you give me the serenity to see myself, to understand the big picture of life in which we live. You give and give, you require nothing back ... Thank you my green friend :)


Two energies have always been with me, one was self-absorbed, and the other was a womanizer ... the one I gave my soul, the other my body ... My heart had room for both, but both broke my heart. How many nights of tears, without having the strength to leave those two. One is my twin flame and the other one my soul mate. Thank you for having been in my life, go in peace.


When everything is said and the fire has settled ... the ash that is left, some retain the ashes and some let the wind take care of the ashes. You let go of the ashes, let it have its life with the wind. You move on in life, new adventures are waiting around the corner and much more.