fredag 30 december 2011


This story is about a woman in Ireland, a fisherman's wife.

She had a good life, she lived with a man she had always loved, but she did had to leave everything for that love. She knew she would do it again and again, his love was like rippling water that never ended. He was a fisherman, he always went off at dawn to fish. They had recently had a baby boy, their happiness could not be broken as her husband used to say. He was not afraid of anyone or anything, so long as we are together and know that in our hearts that there is this true love that binds us through time and space .. there is no fear. He called his wife for "emerald eyed" she had vivid green eyes and her long black hair in the sun you could catch a glimpse of the red hair. One night, she could not sleep, she felt that something was going on ... The man would go to work, but the woman did not want him to go, she begged him to stay home. But he reminded her of their love that bound them through time and space, nothing could tear them apart. It was the last time she saw her beloved, she let the grief take over, she waited every day at the port in case he showed up. She looked for him everywhere but could not find him, years passed and she did not give up hope of finding him. Her best friend was always beside her, as long as she could remember, he had been at her side. He wanted to marry her, but she could not, she would wait for her husband ... She waited and waited but he never showed up ...

Each story has something to teach us to understand ourselves. We write every day a story of our lives, then it is up to each person to take out the essence of all the stories that we write.

söndag 25 december 2011


My beautiful flower, Your petals extending towards me, asking me to touch them. I reach to touch them, but I'm afraid to touch them, what if I do them harm .. You say you are not fragile, look beyond the shell, what is hiding there. Each flower is unique, we may be similar but we are not the same. Touch me, feel me, I'm ...


I have stories that could fill an ocean, for what ... All about you, you are in every one. Some fills me with joy and with tears, these tears do come out to heal these stories that are older than the stars. If the stars could tell you what's in them so they would fill the entire universe of your essence that I have saved in my soul. The universe has asked me to light the stars with these stories, I've said no, as long as your heart is hidden, so are these stories.

onsdag 21 december 2011


It is a tale of two souls who promise eternal love ...

My dear husband i miss you so much, I'm waiting for you, I wish I could leave everything to be with you. I know you are with me now and forever. I wish I could touch your heart as I once did, I ask the universe to leave my keys, I can not wear them anymore, I wish you were here as you once did, and we solved all together. You listened to my crazy stories and gave me peace, I could look at your art for several hours, there was your soul. I still hear your words, I will find you wherever you are, our souls will lead us to each other ... if I have to search the entire universe for you my love, I will find you.

fredag 16 december 2011


You're standing by my side, whatever happens, you stand there and hold my head while it falls apart. You love me unconditionally, you are my guiding light when the head let go of the thoughts. I love you for who you are, this delicate creature who wants to reach its own essence. You are my strength, serenity and wisdom, my beloved soul, which is as old as the stars ... I LOVE YOU my sparkly soul!

tisdag 13 december 2011


Everything merges in a single breath, we pull in life that gives us the essences of all things that exist in the presence. Everything is words, words and more words ... Why do I see energy, colors, everything feels like a string of colors that blend together in a single breath. When I feel the energy of the soul, I'm filled with love, peace and harmony. When the words come from my head everything is empty, my whole being is sad, trying to gather my own energy in order to understand myself why I feel this emptiness. When the head decides, we know how much it hurts the heart. But the heart (soul) never gives up it's there when you decide to collaborate with the heart.

onsdag 7 december 2011


Today, I felt you ... We are free spirits, I'm here, you will find me in the silence. In so many dreams have you been, where we can meet and be ourselves where we can embrace our souls. When I was born I knew you were in this life, I knew what I was going to go through to get to my I AM, there was everything. I would go through the same thing a thousand times to get where I am today and that you are here in my soul. There is no poetry, verse, words that can describe this energy in me, in you and in all of us that makes us one of the I AM energy ... We are everything but yet nothing.

torsdag 1 december 2011


In the end, all we want is freedom for our souls .... Freedom to love without being judged, freedom to speak to the soul without being laughed at, freedom to be able to listen to the silence without being called hermit, freedom to speak from the soul without being called a liar. Freedom to find the I Am, freedom to exist without being crucified, we humans are slaves of our own thoughts and we enslave other souls. Our children, we have enslaved them to go after their thoughts and not the soul, every child is born with freedom that illuminates the here and now, they are in this existence of the I AM. Time passes and we enslave their I AM, their fear of being outcast means that we follow and become a slave of the body. The soul is always with us, waiting patiently for you to relieve you from your chains, to be in the I AM. Freedom for our souls ...