tisdag 31 januari 2012


Everything grows so slowly, so slowly that time stands still. But still you can hear the clock, which follows the rhythm of the plants. The rhythm of eternity strikes like a wind the soul, it shakes the soul to wake from its slumber. The wind is saying here and now, here and now, listen to your symphony. Let the wind play the melody of the soul ... that liberates your inner strength.

måndag 30 januari 2012


One look and you knew who I was .. We caressed our souls, so soft and tender. I knew that in your arms, there was protection. But you found me in the wrong century, I know you wanted to take care of me ... in your eyes, there was recognition, you saw who I was. Sure, it was tempting to leave everything and let you take care of me again, picking up the pieces as you once did. We've been there before, almost the same situation ... but this time my soul awakened from the deep sleep state it was in. .. This time it's up to me to grow and reach my inner self in the here and now. I want to thank you because you were there for me and gave me the tenderness of your soul.

måndag 23 januari 2012


Everything has its time ... when everything falls into place. We live in a world where good and evil exist ... . Who are the good and who are they evil? We have been indoctrinated in these words that create fear and cause us to act and live by these words. Everything is energy, the day can not be without night, Eastern philosophy, where yin and yang must exist and where you want to have a balance of these two energy ... create peace within ourselves.


The soul longs for someone who did not want her love. He left her bleeding, her wings were torn off. She picked up the pieces, fumbling in the dark, the sound of tears mixed with loud shouts ... hear my prayer, turn off, turn off. Turn off me even if it becomes my death ... I do not want feel the pain that hurts, but yet so sweet, so precious and tender. She could live without her wings, and her soul ... but the heart knew that the sweetest and purest love she had experienced was within her. For the heart knew that one day it would play again, the finest notes to the melody of the soul ... when two becomes one, when day and night come together ...

fredag 20 januari 2012


Everything takes time, a seed can not grow unless it is nourished. Many are looking for meaning in their lives ... but when you're looking for your true roots and realize that we live in fear of what we find. Being controlled by others is a drop in the ocean, but to be controlled by yourself ... it is fear.

tisdag 3 januari 2012


A story from Italy about a man's love that gets crushed and his beauty who deceives him. All stories have something to teach us about ourselves

Casanova had been everywhere, until he met a young lady who gave life to his soul. Their meeting was passionate, their love grew, but the young lady chose the status and she let herself be led by others. Casanova stayed behind to see her wedding, the pain was deep, his spirit was crushed. He had always worked with horses, horses understood his pain. The young woman wanted to continue in secret their relationship, casanova went along with it ... he loved this woman more than anything else in his life. Time passed and Casanova had to settle for the crumbs which she gave to him of love. He knew that a decision must be made, he writes a long letter, ending his love for her. Each sentence in the letter brought tears of sorrow from the soul, he was crushed, his life had no meaning. He left everything, he left his soul with her ... The years went by, women flocked around him, but he saw them not ... There was a woman who was always alone, always nice to him. She did not see him with greedy eyes, but with love. No one wanted to marry a woman who was limping, but he saw and felt that she made ​​him happy. He knew what beauty could do with a man, his beauty had made ​​him a Casanova. Over the years, he had understood that beauty comes from within, they can take everything away from you but not what is inside of you. Casanova married the woman they had many children, but every now and then he could feel how the other girl thought of him with grief, he felt her pain when she was sick and when she left this life ... He knew that they would meet again, her soul had whispered "I'll see you my love."


In the sand you can leave traces of your sorrow, all the tears will allow you to leave a bit of yourself in the sand. The sand takes itself in anywhere, it will rub into you to remind you that it exists. When you look back to see your tracks, then the sand removed all traces that were in the sand and says in a whisper, "what was is no more, do not turn around, do not look back ... see what is in now " the sand can show you the grief to wake up, but is there when you're lost in your mind. The sand is everywhere, it never ceases to exist ... it is!


Tree of Life, all its leaves can shine for ever and ever ... Who decides when the leaves will fall and stop to exist. Is it the pain that we carry in our souls or myself who want to stop living forever. Many leaves have fallen on the border to stop to exist, but you were there, in your arms I found comfort, serenity and energy to re-live and look for my "I Am" .. Everything is interconnected with each other, we are one with the universe, we are energy .. Tree of Life, we are forever, each leaf has a purpose in your soul, your soul lives like a tree. Trees are we, the tree of wisdom and energy.