tisdag 16 oktober 2012


My enemy Nemsis, you who shift in to jaguar, last time we met, you took my arm. I asked, why? You replied with a smile, your enemies are those who teach you who to live and be wary, a Warrior will need both arms to fight ... The question is, do you have the warrior in you or have the word warrior taken over your soul. You have lived too long in the shadow of your warriors. Now, when you have only one arm, the essence that lies within you, will shine thru. This action will create an invisible arm that flips and twists in all the parts of the world and to create a bridge that binds everything together. Mourn not what does not exist, mourn the sorrow that creates the shade within you, the shade of words that follows you. I am your enemy, and are here for you, I am in everything and see everything ...

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