fredag 5 oktober 2012


You came to lead me a bit on the way, who would have thought that our energies would find each other. No one has embraced me as you do, in which all the colors become one, it feels like I have been waiting a long time in the bench. Have seen the world fall, but yet my eyes saw when it rose up again. On the bench has wars, hunger, love, death, people, joy and sadness come and go... My eyes always looked sideways and saw that beside me, in the bench, there was always empty. Until one day I saw someone approaching with cautious but waiting for his invitation to sit next to me. .. I know that it is time to ask you to sit next to me, and see the world together, I give you my soul to keep forever. I can't give you the love that ego speaks of. There are togetherness with my soul and the world it comes from. I want to share the energy that we create together, two flames, which becomes a crackling fire.

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